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Prayer Still Works CD Release

In March 2010 Bishop Ronnie L. Lee and Nehemiah Christian Center Ministries began this awesome journey in music ministry. Encouraged by individuals who had the opportunity to hear the NCCM voices and felt that the choir was ready to embark upon this Spiritual journey, the project began. This project has survived many twists and turns on the road to completion, and we praise God that the vision has come to reality. In the eleven years which NCCM has been in existence Pastor Lee has had this vision for the ministry.

Bishop Ronnie L. Lee, with God’s anointing, has helped to change countless lives through the ministry that God has blessed him to have as buy-button3the Senior Pastor of Nehemiah Christian Center Ministries in Harvey, IL which was also started with seven members and now eleven years later has a visible membership of over four hundred individuals. Bishop Lee is a dynamic speaker of the word of God in his own right. Bishop Lee is the author of two exciting books and is often called upon as a motivational speaker. Bishop Lee now adds Gospel Recording Artist to his repertoire. This powerful man of God loves the members of NCCM and God’s people as a whole. As a result of this love for people God has blessed Pastor Lee with a local ministry where he works hard at providing for the less fortunate and under privileged in the community, through social needs programming, community empowerment seminars, and various activities that speak to remedying the blight of the community. Pastor Lee through the help of God has helped to establish a ministry with a Spiritual reach, teaching influence and financial support which extends as far as Ghana West Africa.

As a result of Bishop Lee’s upbringing in the ministry, and the great influence that the late Bishop Willie L. Jordan and the ministry of St. Mark Church Cathedral of Harvey IL, which included Lonnie Hunter and the Voices of St. Mark; these influences have helped to fuel Pastor Lee’s musical passion. Therefore, the project includes a medley of songs as a tribute to Bishop Willie L. Jordan by The Friends of Bishop Willie L. Jordan including: “I Shall Wear a Crown”; “I Know The Lord Will Make A Way” and “Power”. Serving under Bishop Jordan’s leadership left such a great influence upon Bishop Lee’s life, that he wanted to use this tribute as a means of honoring Bishop’s many great accomplishments which include: building a mega ministry that started with only seven members, building a medical facility, and other great accomplishments along with empowering thousands of believers during his ministry. This is a legacy that Bishop Lee would like to keep alive.

“Prayer Still Works” is the title track of the Voices of Nehemiah Ministries first CD project. This venture includes the ministering gifts of renowned artists such as: Percy Gray, Tony Tidwell, Bridgette Campbell-Croft and other extremely gifted artists. Songs like; “In Your Presence” sung by Bridgett Campbell- Croft; “Standing on Jesus” written and sung by Percy Gray; “Prayer Still Works”, “He Reigns”, “Just One Touch” and “Joy” are quickly being mentioned as Stellar Award winning material because of the spiritual empowerment that is felt from each song. This project is sure to be a blessing to all who hear it.

This CD is truly a must have for any gospel collection because it is true that “Prayer Still Works.” This title track tells the whole story because through all of the choirs ups and downs prayer to God is what made it possible for us to weather all storms and bring this vision to a reality. GOD STILL ANSWERS PRAYERS!!!!

For Radio Promotions Please Contact:

Darcel Brothers at 708-351-7840 or Sylvia Tidwell at 708-692-7534

Nehemiah Christian Center Ministries @ 708-333-2233



This CD is available for distribution at the below listed gospel music stores.


New Sound Gospel
10723 S. Halsted
Chicago IL. 60628

Pentecostal Word
7900 S. Prairie Ave
Chicago IL. 60619

Betty Jo’s Book Store
1521 W. Roosevelt Road
Broadview IL. 60155

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